Mission Statement

Transocean International, Inc. (TOI) is a southern California based company with branch offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. TOI focuses on such business activities as International Trade, Major Projects Procurement/Coordination, and International Shipping.


While developing its U.S. domestic business activities, TOI has been paying special attention to promoting its presence in China where rapid economic growth has been achieved over the last two decades. These efforts have been yielding remarkable results as exports to China have been booming over the years and will, with no doubt, continue to grow.


TOI works very closely with major U.S. and Chinese manufacturers and end users in industries such as iron and steel, automobile, chemical, aviation and shipping. TOI has becoming a major distributor of automotive and aircraft parts. In addition, TOI is all geared up to arrange for aircraft engine maintenance, aircraft service checks, phase check and all letter checks, as well as aircraft full interior reconfigurations.