It's a small world!

The famous Disney lyric inspires thousands of people every day. Once only wishful thinking, a global village is now virtual reality thanks to the vision and hard work of generations of people everywhere. International trade and transportation have been, and will continue to be, the most vital elements in the entire process.

Yet, here and now, a vast ocean of differences, both economical and cultural, still exist. At TOI we are proud that our professionally experienced and dedicated staff are playing a positive role in building bridges to overcome such differences, as we believe that people from all corners of the world should be equally entitled to the fruits of modern civilization.

Over the years we grow bigger and bigger by helping our customers grow. In many more years to come, we shall carry on the tradition of our commitment to excellence and equality service. 

TOI is ready to serve as your partner in global trade and transportation. Let's join together, hand in hand, to make the world a still smaller and better place to live.



                                                                                          Larry C. Chen